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We believe in the data transparency and confidentiality. You may try GreenHCM for free before decides to input any HR data into our system.

Human resource

Human Resource System

GreenHCM Simplifies HR Admin's task by using advanced automation on payroll, abscence and overtime. With support real-time data update on employee directory to enhance data accuracy and reliability. Every employee will be given specific roles to ensure access managed by company's administrator. GreenHCM provides every employee management tool needs under one Dashboard.

Task board

Task Management System

GreenHCM integrates project management system to help your company control every task and monitor each process update to ensure the timeline on every project is managed properly. You can easily access all these information using project summary anywhere, anytime.

Multi chat

Chat And Live Notification

GreenHCM provides easy communication between employees and between divisions through the live chat feature that can be used both personally and within groups to accelerate the flow of communication. All chat features are equipped with real-time notifications making it easier for message recipients to respond quickly.

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